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When I saw a portrait of van Eyck in elementary school, it was wonderful and unavoidable. He is just a two-dimensional plane but he is watching here as if he is there. No matter how much I looked, it was as if he was there. At that time I knew the power that of the picture has.What you can show is definitely present at that time as a reality, not an illusion. What you see can affect your heart enough and leave a big scratch on your heart. At the age of 12 the spread page of the magazine of history for primary school students has changed the color of my life.It was the moment when the black rain fell on my hippocampus.this picture is cruel is to dragging what I see in hell picture. Sleepless nights lasted some years. I think that the act of seeing things is between pleasant and misery.



Episode 001
Hole in the square. Apartment. There was a hole such that the body can enter half in the red clay square. Be thrust down.The oldest memory.


Intrest in the human body I am interested in Anatomical morphology/C.H.Waddington/Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson"On Growth and Form"/Morphology of Goethe/
Shapes are broadly divided into natural andartificial ones.
Forest of shape Labyrinth of shape



Draw from part LOOP  

LOOP hand(output)⇒work⇒ retina(input)⇒brain⇒hand
Establish positive feedback


Possibility of mixed media
material/clay/pipe tube/PVC board/cloth/metal/bean light bulb/electric wire/sand/plant/nail/needle/yarn/PET bottle/substrate/plastic/acrylic/cellotape/vinyl tape/gummedep/masking tape/alminium foil/paints/bread/newspaper/book/picture frame/frame


Self -portrait⇒Mentary scenery⇒photography⇒collage⇒automatism ⇒photoshop⇒videoanimation⇒object creation⇒Earlbrut⇒installation ⇒documentary film of performance⇒visual improvisation


Parameter painting
What I learned from CG is that if you assume that all the effects of a general painting are represented by a single formula, various modes will be born just by manipulating the parameters. It is certain that it is possible to do quite similarly even if not tomake it too much.











The singular point is black hole and launch grommets.
Something popping out of the hole. Situations where anything very illogical happens. Trickster appears.


How to get up the symbolic stairs-Jacob's ladder
The door will not open at the climbing point.




The book that I read for the first time.


Thinking while sleeping thinking inthe saddle

Put notes on the bedside-record the dream


Episode 034

Pistol got from my uncle.I can see warfrom peep window

Episode 050

The turtle has gone somewhere.



Episode 035 Flying in the sky in a dream.Raise my hands and go up. Flying is not that difficult.


Under the roof of the temple------Back of shiitake mushroom umbrella



I am a person who speaks logically before I become conscious of myself


Writing world A world without thickness Anxiety about deception and picturesque world A fake world created self-centered



Capture shape as a result of rhythm.


Automatic painting- Draw without a draft


I do not know where I should cut where I leave the boundary unclear and unclassifiable as it is.



Movement in picture, Movement and form are not separated. What happens when these are separated?
Ex. awkward movements, smooth motion, spinning movement, It suddenly disappears or fade out. Meaning of rotation. Things coming from over there. A world lying between two and three dimensions. Suddenly stop


All spaces that change along the time axis can be said to be animation.


Idea of surprise board.It can move though it is not moving,


history war nuclear dictator≒theater nature


inner dictator, self-assertion, short circuit, theater nature, narcissism, passion, expressionism, presence anxiety being close to exist with art


How to hold on to what you have put on my hands so that there is no waste. Efficient and economical way


Labyrinth blind alley Reflection and dizziness of mirror room Labyrinth mirror room without exit where the traumatic world captures. Territory sowing floating island landfill site a small hill Either way you can have a big mountain. The place to arrive is the Tower of Babel. The idea of making of a Tower of Babel make a spiral skeleton clockwise or counterclockwise flesh in order from bottom height-the upper one is dark It collapses with its own weight in the case of type that is planned, a design drawings necessary. in the case of type to make it ad hoc, strong wire is required. Building on the premise of being broken. It is sad to break, but make it to break. Frolic with sorrow and irony to break. When countless clay pieces are wrapped around a wire. It gradually breaks with their own weight. because the adhesion is partly incomplete, it rolls out. But, most attached firmly. One of these are maggots or parasitoids. Some insects germinated like the germ of potato, or countless corpses. Holding it down. Holding more and more will depress and pierce. The edge of the hole comes to a point. This hole and the hole beyond are connected to penetrate and the thin bridges are made. Numerous such small pillars appeared and finally became a filiform mass. Go and change shape variously while stretching or shrinking the area and inverting the inside to the outside to outside or losing its own identity. When time is reversed, Those clay debris rise in the air along the wire. Where is the wire guided at this time? Whether the destination of the ascending air current that was rolled up is a ceiling?


Horror art
Can a horror be an art? Excitement like a roller coaster ⇒Stimulation of sympathetic nerve Entertainment Excessive stimulation of the sympathetic nerve ⇒Gastrointestinal symptoms occur and feel sick. Iteration of memory with hippocampus=weighting phenomenon Seeing a nightmare, eventually becoming a trauma and inducing PTSD.


The face cell-------Susceptibility to already loaded forms. It seems that only creatures that can recognize faces survived without being culled. Is it learning or native origin? That means that the specific recognition of the face was born out.
Importance of symbols
Expression is not simply an abstract one. There are play and looseness in the symbol. Symbol is not decisive and explicit.


Understandings is a myriad of external information sunk to the bottom of unconsciously a lot of experiences. Memory stored inside of me is almost projected from the outside. Myself made externally. Is the world exposed by being influenced by the understanding structure by passing through the system called me a work?


Shapes Alphabet
 In noisy infinite Henri Michaux was talking about an illusionary experience that parts of the body of the horse coalesce or fall apart when he took mescaline. This is related to that cells responding to parts of various shapes appear around M1 M2 area of cerebrum in the visual information. processing.Many things fly, face is made, hand is made, foot is made. It is like this.


Use science to make poetry.

What I thought, the book I read , what I learned
put the keyword from them in a collection box as a memo.
It is not always a disjointed one, it always becomes a system and my thought is finished. It will integrate my art activities and life.


Pleasures and discomfort may not be in the same category of the sensation. If you dare choose unpleasant things you may need evidence.


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